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            About Us

            GYNH is a leading glass processing enterprise in China.
            Consisting of Guangdong Guangyao Glass Technology Co., Ltd. and Fujian Guangyao Glass Co., Ltd., it is an enterprise specialized in glass processing, trade, transportation and new product research.
            Guangdong Guangyao Glass Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988.......

            Guangdong Guangyao Glass Co., Ltd.

            Guangdong Guangyao Glass Co., Ltd  

            Add: No.272 North Jinxin Road,Longhu Distric,
            Shantou,Guangdong,China 515065 

            Tel: 86 754 8834 0828 / 86 754 8834 0008

            Fax: 86 754 8833 0858 

            Email: 1162948937@qq.com  

            Web: http://www.yndhgs.com 


            Fujian Guangyao Glass Co., Ltd

            Add: Xiqi Village, Kangmei Township,
            Dongshan County 363401, Fujian, China

            Tel: 86 596 566 2388

            Fax: 86 596 563 2288


            Web: http://www.yndhgs.com



            Vice President Lin Weikuan: 13829674616

            Vice President Li Xuru: 13502968648

            General Manager: 13802336280